Geico Insurance

These are some major insurance companies we have mostly dealt with in our 55 years or business and counting. However, we accept ALL insurance companies!​

INSURANCE and rentals

Always keep in mind, it is your decision on which shop repairs your vehicle!


It all comes down to trust and reliability, which we can provide you with both! When you place a claim with your insurance provider, they may offer you a 'referral list' of collision shops. Do not believe you have to choose from that list, especially since these facilities usually have agreed to work for the insurance company on their terms. You want a repair shop working on YOUR terms. You need a shop who is looking out for YOUR best interests. We are here for you and your convenience. We will provide you with a quality repair on your vehicle without any headaches. We accept all insurance companies, so we will be able to get you back on the road before you know it!



We offer an in-house rental services

For your convenience, we arrange a rental vehicle for you while your vehicle is being repaired. This allows you to not have any issues with transportation while your car is being taken care of, saving you time and money! We want to be your one stop collision repair shop and want to help you get back on the road without the slightest inconvenience which is exactly why we offer an in-house rental service. When you come to us, everything is provided and taken care of for you!

TOWING services


Acme Auto Body provides efficient, quick service while abiding by the towing industry's safety guidelines.


Our skilled drivers can handle almost any towing situation and provide exceptional service. We provide prompt emergency service.Since Acme Auto Body is a member of AAA, we are fully insured and provide AAA quality service at any time, day or night, rain or shine. It is important when having to need roadside assistance, that you call a reliable, trusted source. Being a member of AAA ensures that we are exactly that, so call us when you are stuck and we will come help you in a jiffy!


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